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low moisture carpet cleaning

Some times it is not always possible to carry out a deep water extraction clean; the carpets may need to be used almost immediately or with the least disruption possible, For instance Holiday Homes, Care Homes or Hotels and Guest Houses. In this instance we use Low Moisture Cleaning.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

There are two levels of intensity for soil absorption/bonnet cleaning systems :-

  • Maintenance clean and
  • One Off Cleans.

Maintenance Clean

The carpet is sprayed with an Eco Friendly Cleaning solution depending on the soiling type and level. An absorbent pad or bonnet is attached to a rotary machine and passed slowly over the carpet.

One Off Clean

This is a more intense bonnet cleaning procedure, a pre-spray is put onto the carpet and left to dwell breaking down soiling. The bonnet pad is then dunked in a vessel with the appropriate cleaning solution and wrung out. The rotary machine is then passed over the high soiled traffic areas of the carpet.


Encapsulation is a Low Moisture cleaning system carried out with a Rotary machine using bonnet pads. The encapsulation solution is put onto the carpet and the agitation action of the pad will whip the solution into a foam, encapsulating the soil. When drying is complete the dirty soil is vacummed.

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